We are a global Battery Management System company.

“  Providing a secure and effective solution to our customers is our first priority. To achieve this we have partnered with some of the best names in the industry on various projects in data centers around the world.  ”

–  President and CEO

Huasu BMS Company

Huasu Technology is a battery monitoring systems manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, China. We have sixteen years of business operations servicing the needs of clients all over the globe. Virtually all of the biggest brands in data centers, communications, transportations, and technology have worked with us and use our products daily. We are proud of our products. We follow ISO 9001 manufacturing management guidelines and standards.

At Huasu Technology battery monitoring and management is all we do. We keep on researching it intimately, so you don't have to. Our design is on the basis of IEEE1491TM-IEEE guide for selection and use of battery monitoring equipment in stationary application and IEEE 1188-IEEE recommended practice for maintenance, testing and replacement of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for stationary application.

Profession, specialty, refinement and particularity have been the keys to HUASU's success.

Produced at our facilities in Hangzhou, China

Huasu R&D Department in Hangzhou, China

Our design and manufacturing teams are headquartered in the city of Hangzhou, China where we originally started our company in the year 2005. Following ISO9001 standards, technology developed in-house by our team in Hangzhou has allowed us to so far obtain 30+ patents and software copyrights for our state of the art online battery monitoring systems and supporting hardware. Everything we sell is currently produced at our Hangzhou headquarters.

Patents and Technologies

Intelligent monitoring systems and devices for both inter-cell resistance and battery internal resistance. Revolutionary new monitoring methods the integrate with our software and allow online monitoring.

We service clients globally with our products and offerings. Some of our most popular products include battery sampling protectors and battery temperature online measuring and monitoring systems.

Our products integrate with one-of-a-kind software that is always online and allows remote monitoring of your battery backup systems.

Redefining the BMS market with innovation

We design and produce the technology widely used by leading brands around the world to manage, monitor, and control the battery systems. Our battery monitoring system combines with world leading technologies, which will help you to save everyday maintenance cost, improving productivity and delivering values.

HUASU can provide a full range of BMS products designed to serve a wide variety of industries, including monitoring devices, software, networking options and accessories, plus our revolutionary My Battery Platform.

BMS is a necessity

Data obtained with information systems is always valuable to the personnel tasked with managing the battery storage systems of your organization. Regardless of the nature of the data from what ever industry -- the systems you rely on are of critical importance.

Our systems help your team to ensure the uninterrupted power supply to the most important equipment that powers your enterprise.

If the battery groups are not properly managed, problems can and will arise such as overcharge, over-discharge, and battery aging. These problems will directly affect the performance of the whole battery and your critical systems will be seriously affected in the event they ever try to rely on your battery systems. Problems such as these cause battery performance to dramatically deteriorate.

If your enterprise relies on hardware that is so critical that it needs a battery system in place -- then that hardware is likely so critical that the battery systems also need to be managed properly. Therefore, it is very important to contact our team and see how our innovations can help ensure your enterprise's battery system security and reliability.

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