An introduction to our latest TA/TV Module shells

Huasu BMS Company

The TA/TV module is usually pasted directly on the battery outside by the double-sided glue brought on the back side.This way of installation reduces the line length, improving the reliability and safety, and the construction will be more Convenient.


We can analyze this way of installation from the following aspects.

1. Modules do not generate heat and affect battery temperature

The power consumption of the module is less than 0.1W and the working current is less than 0.013 A. The heat generated by the module is negligible and will not have any effect on the temperature of the battery.

2. Module design with flame retardant material

The module shell and connecting wires are made of flame-retardant material, and the flame retardant grade conforms to the flame retardant requirements stipulated in UL VW-1 or GBT18380.1 standard. The module will not increase the area of ignition when the battery is on fire.

3. The module will not block the battery valve and affect the safety of the battery operation

The module will be installed according to the actual situation of the site to choose the appropriate installation position and the most importance is to avoid the battery valve.

4. Module will not affect the battery replacement

On the back of the module, there is a special strong double-sided glue which is used to fix the monitoring module. When the battery is changed, hold the module to the left or right, and the module can be removed.

5. Application Experience

More than 1 million TA/TV modules have been used in actual projects, distributed in data centers, railway communication stations, power substations, etc., No feedback on battery impact was found.

6.  Installation methods of other manufacturers

 Mainstream international manufacturers such as MIDTRONICS, CELLWATCH also use the same method to fix modules.