Application in Zhangbei Cloud Computing Data Center


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  • Located in Miaotan, Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province, Alibaba Data Center is the most important infrastructure base in northern China and plays an extremely important role in various Internet activities.

  • In 2015, with its leading BMS solutions and services, HUASU became the only BMS provider for Alibaba Zhangbei Data Center. HUASU H3G-TA/TV solutions were adopted in the data center. 

HUASU BMS Solutions

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HUASU H3G-TA BMS is a leading online battery monitoring system in the industry. It is able to provide early warning and battery equalization for failed batteries.

The Single Battery Monitoring Module (TV module) is a leading online battery monitoring sensor that can be embedded into existing monitoring systems to realize online voltage and battery temperature monitoring for each backup battery.

In addition, HUASU has also cooperated with data centers such as Alibaba Qiandao Lake Data Center, Alibaba Hangzhou Xiasha Internet Bank, Alixi Stone Data Center, Alibaba Changshan Cloud CS Project, and Alibaba Zhongdu Grassland.

The performance of HUASU BMS has always been stable. All the indicators are in line with the expected standards of the data center, which guarantees the safe operation of the data center reliably.

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