Battery Monitoring System Helps Jiaxu Fumei Digital Industrial Base to Start "Smart Era"


 Jiaxu Fumei Industrial Base Project is a key project in Hebei Province, which is located in Dingxing County, Baoding City, adjacent to Xiongan New Area, covering a total area of about 63 acres, building a data center cluster with tens of thousands of racks and related supporting facilities.

1. Help Jiaxu Fumei Data Center to Start "Smart Era"

Recently, Hangzhou Huasu Battery Online Monitoring System helped Jiaxu Fume Industrial Cloud Base to start the "Smart Era". Hangzhou Huasu provided the H3G-TV battery monitoring system for the project construction, with a total of more than 4,000 batteries monitored. The product provided a comprehensive and powerful battery safety guarantee for stable and efficient operation.

2. BMS Provides Protection for Thousands of Batteries

The solution provided by Hangzhou Huasu includes TV module, TC module and control module. The system can query alarms and real-time data, set parameters, etc. through the control module, and can optionally be equipped with a monitoring platform to achieve centralized network management.

This project, Hangzhou Huasu products, as always, reflects the excellent quality of the product's comprehensive performance, enhances and ensures the maximum value of customers, and also wins the high appreciation of customers.