Battery Monitoring System Keeps  the Semiconductor Production Industry Operating Safely!

SAMSUNG Electronics is the largest electronics industry enterprise in South Korea which covers a wide range of fields. The company has eight business division systems including image display, IT solutions, home appliances, wireless, network, semiconductor and LCD. As one of the world's largest high-end semiconductor manufacturers, Samsung Electronics must ensure the safety and stability of the entire power supply system during the production process. In the event of a voltage halt or mains interruption, the backup power supply must be started immediately to ensure the normal operation of the production work.

Suzhou Samsung is the first semiconductor production base of Samsung Electronics in Asia. In the project, the power frequency UPS with high stability and load capacity is adopted. But under the working state, 30% -50% of the working harmonics and noise will be produced, which can cause strong electromagnetic interference to the electronic equipment.

In order to solve this problem, Huasu battery monitoring system adopts anti-interference circuit design (DSP + collapse circuit design), which can prevent the power frequency UPS of the second, fourth, sixth times of ripple interference, and ensure BMS normal and stable operation.

Based on the successful application of Huasu battery monitoring products in the Samsung project in Suzhou, Huasu BMS products have made huge development in the semiconductor industry.

Since 2012, Huizhou Samsung, Tianjin Samsung and Shanghai Samsung have successively adopted Hangzhou Huasu's battery online monitoring products, and the total number of monitored batteries is about 5440!