Battery Safety Monitoring Has Become the Last Security Barrier for the Infrastructure of 18 Branches of CITIC Bank!

Hangzhou HUASU

Harbin branch of CITIC bank is a first-level branch directly under the head office, and it has two second-level branches in Mudanjiang and Daqing as well as 15 sub-branches.

At the end of July this year, Hangzhou Huasu installed H3G-TA battery safety monitoring system for 18 UPS of Harbin CITIC Branch to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system in the bank room.

Provide high performance product solutions for infrastructure of 18 branch networks

CITIC Bank Road Branch - Qunli Branch - Xinyang Branch - Hashi Branch - Nangang Branch - ZTE Branch - Zhongshan Road Branch - Hexing Branch - Power Branch - Xiangfang Branch - Tongda Branch - Hulan Branch - Mudanjiang Branch - Daqing Branch etc. 18 bank points in total.

 Our installation team in accordance with the order of bank outlets in turn: installing inserts, test cable, modify the TA module address,  layout control module communication cable, debugging control module data and a series of construction steps, rapid deployment, flexible installation, which perfectly achieves the expected goal of customers. It provides the most secure and stable support for ups in the computer room of CITIC bank.