Beijing Daxing International Airport--A World-Class Engineering Wonder Supported by Battery Monitoring System

Beijing Daxing International Airport is located in Daxing District of Beijing and Guangyang District of Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is a large-scale international aviation hub, a new power source for the country, and a comprehensive transportation hub for the construction of the Xiongjin-Hebei area. At the same time in 2016, the British "Guardian" was hailed as "the first of the seven wonders of the new world."

 The Support of World-Class Projects Is Inseparable from Its Support

A large number of new technologies have been applied in the construction of Daxing International Airport, which represents the highest level of technology in China. Behind the construction of this world-class project, it will naturally put forward very high application standards for key infrastructure.

Behind the huge and complicated network of these key infrastructures, there are also large and small sub-heart-battery management system, which guarantees the safety of backup battery power supply of core systems in important occasions such as information center, air traffic control center, terminal control center, tower and so on, and ensures the normal, stable and continuous operation of various subsystems of international airports.

H3G-TA Battery Online Monitoring System

What kind of battery safety monitoring meets the high standards of international airports? Speaking of this, I have to mention Hangzhou Huasu Technology. 

Because the battery safety monitoring for the infrastructure of Daxing International Airport is provided by Hangzhou Huasu Jada Technology Co., Ltd.

Now the H3G-TA battery monitoring system has been running safely and steadily in the infrastructure system of the international airport, which also fully proves the application value of this product!