How an online internal resistance monitoring system helps

Huasu BMS Company

1. Online cell internal resistance monitoring function. 

It can realize regularly on-line automatic test of cell internal resistance; test process is completely automatically; without human intervention; no need to concatenate an additional series of switch, diode or other device in the charging circuit.

This function is mainly used to replace the current manual internal resistance measuring methods. Through online resistance measuring can avoid poor artificial measurement repeatability, time-consuming, power consumption and difficult measurement and data analysis.., etc. 

2. Online cell voltage routing monitoring function. 

It can achieve the function of cell voltage routing inspection. This function can replace the manual method of voltage which measured with a multimeter. Currently, the manual measurement generally measure one time for a month and the continuity of the data is not high. However, online voltage monitoring requirements monitoring per minute and record at a time which can better know the changes of the battery voltage.

3. String voltage, ambient temperature, charge and discharge current monitoring function.

4. Network centralized monitoring function. 

It can networking each substation’s internal resistance on-line monitoring system, and carry on the WEB, then realized the centralized network management.

5. Analysis capabilities. 

It can analyze the acquisition battery parameters and generate analysis report automatically. It can analyze the below content and conclude the results:

* Whether the cell resistance is too high and find the failure battery or the one need to activate;

* Analysis the cell voltage when it is floating and find the battery which need to be charged;

* Analysis the cell voltage when it is floating and found out the rechargeable battery;

* Analysis the float charging voltage and to estimate whether the voltage of electromechanical is too high or too low;

As the monitoring system recorded a large amount of data and have the foundation of automatic analysis. It can automatic analysis of data and realize the goal of management of the system according to the practical experience and the provisions of the relevant standards to establish analysis model.