How the application of energy storage battery management systems helps

Huasu BMS Company

Energy storage battery management system (BMS) is mainly used in microgrid and renewable energy generation energy storage system, which can monitor and managing energy storage battery, prolonging battery life and improving the stability of energy storage system. The energy storage BMS designed by HUASU BMS has the function of measuring the voltage,internal resistance, current and temperature of the battery, and can be used to balance the charge and discharge of each battery according to the setting parameters. The designed energy storage BMS is applied to lead acid battery. The experimental results show that the measured data are accurate, the equalization control is stable, and the design requirements are met.

HUASU BMS company has built a number of markets for their products in unique industry environments for our line of  lithium phosphate batteries, lead carbon batteries and lithium titanate battery, which can fully simulate the actual environment of the BMS project charge and discharge, the product system management, 2A~5A active equilibrium, SOC test, SOH prediction and other core functions can be well verified. We have the innovative edge required for invention and a growing warchest of industry patents that strengthen our brand. We have always insisted "Monitoring Tomorrow" enterprise concept for new energy industry to contribute our own strength. Especially in the new energy storage industry, products from HUASU BMS company in the domestic industrial operation of energy storage system are under working more than 600 days to achieve zero manufacturing mistakes. Seen from 2010 to 2017, in the domestic energy storage BMS industry market share for eight consecutive years at the top.