How to Reduce Fires Caused by Battery Accidents?


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In recent years, fire accidents occurred frequently at home and abroad.

In 2018, one of the big data centers in Qingdao caught fire and the smoke was rolling for half an hour.

In June 2017, a communication room was on fire, located in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province.

In April 2017, a sudden fire broke out in one of the network data centers in ** Beijing University, which led to the interruption of network in many universities in Beijing...

Why are there frequent safety incidents? Most of the "culprits" of these incidents point to the battery. According to incomplete statistics, the cause of battery fire is mostly due to battery leakage, high temperature and overcharging, etc…Both the quality of the battery itself and improper use of the battery should be responsible for it.

To prevent the recurrence of such accidents, as a well-known professional battery safety monitoring and operation management platform provider, Hangzhou HUASU Technology innovated a new power security monitoring and operation management system - H3G-TS.

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H3G-TS BMS provides intelligent analysis and early warning system for battery safety operation. The system has advanced technology with typical features of perfect functions, complete configuration, stable and reliable, and strong anti-interference. The main function is to monitor safety operation indicators to issue early warnings on battery failures and operational risks, thus to ensure safe operation of the battery.