HUASU-always a Leader in BMS in Data Centers


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Production Center 2 of HUASU

Hangzhou HUASUJada Technology is a leading manufacturer in battery safety monitoring and operation management industry in China. With its business over 40 countries and regions worldwide, HUASU Provides competitive, safe and reliable products and services in the fields of cloud computing data centers, communication operators, rail transit, new energy vehicles, and power systems.


Huitian Cloud Data Center

Huitian Cloud Data Center is a large energy-efficient cloud data center under the Huitian Group. Located in the core area of Tongzhou Beijing sub-center, it covers an area of 500 acres and is the largest IDC data center in Beijing.

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In early 2018, HUASU started initial cooperation with Huitian Cloud Data Center and offered H3G series BMS products and services, which including installation and post-maintenance. This project was officially delivered at the end of 2018.

The perfect completion of the project marked HUASU’s solid leadership in BMS field in data centers.