HUASU Becomes an Important Provider for National Network and Information Security Infrastructure


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The establishment of the National Network and Information Security Center (Sichuan Safety Center) will play an important role in promoting Sichuan's economic and social development and meanwhile maintaining social stability. It undertakes integrated roles of research, development, construction, use and maintenance of large-scale network and information security technology platforms. It is the core force for the technical support and guarantee of network information security in Sichuan Province.

To ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the computer room, the person in charge of Sichuan Safety Center has installed backup storage batteries. To grasp the operation status of batteries at any time, the person in charge compared several battery monitoring systems and finally the online battery monitoring system from Huasu Technology came to the fore.

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HUASU provides one -stop H3G-TA online monitoring system for Sichuan Safety Center, which greatly met the all round needs for real-time diagnosis , battery failure early warning, performance degradation, as well as daily maintenance.

H3G-TA series products have shown stable performance in the computer room of Sichuan Safety Center, and have been unanimously praised and recognized by the person in charge.  Up to now, it has become the preferred battery management system for many customers due to its safe and reliable performance,energy-saving and easy installation.