HUASU BMS Fully Guarantees Battery Safety Operation at Micro-module Computer Room in Shandong Binhai Public Security Bureau


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Binhai Public Security Bureau is directly under the Shandong Provincial People's Government. It is the public security organ to ensure the successful completion of the national crude oil production task in Shengli Oilfield (the oil zone in Shandong Province).

In the era of internet and big data background, computer room security is more important than Mount Tai, which is especially important for the information computer room of the public security system. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the big data platform and meet the development needs of public security informatization, the Binhai Public Security Bureau built a micro-module computer room.

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At the same time, to ensure the safety of the battery strings in the micro-module room, a reliable monitoring system is also needed. Under such circumstances, Hangzhou HUASU Technology, with its excellent service and product quality, has provided an on-line battery monitoring system for the micro-module computer room.


The HUASU H3G-TA BMS series has become an ideal choice for the power safety guarantee of the micro-module computer room due to its high reliability, energy saving and safety features. HUASU H3G-TA battery on-line monitoring system applies many inventions and patented technologies of HUASU, which can give early warning to failed batteries in advance and greatly ensure the safety operation of batteries at micro-module computer room.


The successful application at the micro-module computer room once again proves HUASUs industry experience and advantages in the public security system, and also provides reference for the infrastructure construction of similar computer rooms for data centers.