Huasu BMS is Again Applied to China Telecom Inner Mongolia Information Park!

Telecom Cloud Computing Inner Mongolia Information Park

China Telecom Inner Mongolia Information Park is the largest cloud computing base in the Asia-Pacific region, carrying the important task of implementing the autonomous region's "8337" development ideas and building a pioneer in the cloud computing industry. The park has the basic ability to reach several domestic backbone network nodes and directly connect international optical cables such as Russia and Mongolia, and the Internet availability rate has reached 99.999%.

Based on the important position of Inner Mongolia Information Park in China Telecom's big data strategic layout and high-level construction standards, it is necessary to select highly reliable battery safety monitoring to ensure the operation of critical infrastructure.

As early as 2016, Huasu reached a cooperation with Inner Mongolia Information Park with its high reputation in the industry and successful application cases in various industries. During the cooperation period, it successively provided tens of thousands of battery safety monitoring for China Telecom Inner Mongolia Information Park system.

At the end of 2019, Hangzhou Huasu cooperated with China Telecom Inner Mongolia Information Park to provide battery safety monitoring for the A7 floor of Inner Mongolia Information Park.

According to the requirements, Huasu provided the H3G-TA battery safety monitoring system. The H3G-TA battery monitoring system is the industry's leading online battery monitoring product. It can provide early warning and battery balancing, green energy saving features, and local data storage for failed batteries in advance, which helps customers better grasp the battery status.