HUASU H3G-TA BMS Won a Good Reputation in Southeast Asia!


As we all know, HUASU Jada Technology is an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on battery safety monitoring and operation management platform. The H3G-TA online battery monitoring system has become the preferred online BMS for users in the key power supply fields of cloud computing, data center, communication network, rail transportation, power system, nuclear power and industrial facilities due to its features of high reliability, high energy saving and high safety. It can be called the leader in the battery monitoring system industry in China.

Meanwhile, HUASU is gradually expanding its international market area and share. More and more overseas customers have shown great interest and recognition in the stability and reliability of HUASU H3G-TA battery monitoring system. H3G-TA series products have been widely used in power, banking and other fields in Southeast Asia and have received favorable comments from customers.

In Oct 2018, HUASU H3G-TA BMS solution was provided to Indonesia Bali Power PUB project phase I&II. H3G-TA BMS is an industry-leading on-line battery monitoring system, which can monitor the cell internal resistance, negative pole temperature, voltage, and battery string voltage, ambient temperature, charging and discharging current, thus can give early warning and battery equalization to failed batteries in advance.


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In November of the same year, Kasikornbank, also known as bank k, Thailand's leading bank group, also selected HUASU H3G-TA battery monitoring system products from numerous BMS manufacturers. A total of 960 batteries were monitored continuously on 24 hours basis a day, providing a stable guarantee for the safety of the bank's backup power supply.

The application of HUASU H3G-TA BMS in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries has won a good reputation for the promotion and application of HUASU BMS products in southeast Asia.

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