HUASU Is an Important Supplier of Battery Safety Monitoring in China's Aerospace Field!

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Wenchang Space Launch Site is the first open coastal space launch base in China and one of the few low-latitude launch sites in the world. 

In 2016, the first launch of the Long March 7 launch vehicle at Wenchang Space Launch Site was successful.

The construction of the core computer room in the aerospace field has high requirements in all dimensions, especially in the selection of key infrastructure such as battery safety monitoring, which requires a very high level of performance, and safety is the most important.  

After continuous screening and comparison of space launch sites, Hangzhou Huasu provides H3G-TA battery safety monitoring system with high reliability, high safety and high energy saving for space launch sites by virtue of its leading performance advantages.

During the installation period, due to the intrusion of typhoon, rainstorm and other bad weather, coupled with the special spatial layout in the computer room, our construction team successfully solved this problem with rich installation experience and professional construction ability, and completed the perfect delivery of the project.

In this project, Hangzhou Huasu once again won the high appreciation of the person in charge of the space launch site for its excellent product performance and high-quality service.