HUASU Provided Perfect BMS Solution for well-known Baidu Yangquan Data Center

In 2013, Baidu Yangquan Data Center adopted HUASU H3G BMS solution for the first time. Yangquan Center applied a number of cutting-edge high-tech technologies that are applicable to China's environment and regulations to improve the energy efficiency of the overall data center, especially in the energy-saving and consumption-reducing applications.

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Baidu Yangquan Data Center

For the possible problems in energy conservation and consumption reduction, HUASU proposed proper solutions and conducted delivery perfectly in the facility process of the data center. 

Installation Site

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As a long-term partner, HUASU has been providing a large number of H3G series products for Yangquan Center since 2013. HUASU BMS solution conducts 7 days*24 hours/day early warning monitoring, accurate battery failure analysis, faulty battery positioning and prediction of battery maintenance and replacement services. HUASU monitored about 90,000 from 2013 to 2018.

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