Important features of Battery Monitoring Systems

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In fact, energy storage through battery systems is the hallmark aspect of any UPS battery system. However, under the heavy burden placed on such systems by enterprises, the maintenance personnel can’t master the actual operational data of the battery storage systems as precisely as needed. Whereas such is the case, accidents that can’t be prevented inevitably start to happen. Detecting the early failure signs in your battery storage systems and predicting the variation trends is the new task of the people charged with operation management of your battery storage systems.

As valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery has special valve-regulated sealed construction, people typically cannot master the condition of the battery storage system accurately. Maintenance-free becomes the disadvantage and difficulty during operation and management. When improving Storage battery performance and also reducing workload, how to quickly check out the early failure storage battery and predict the variation trend has become the new task of the operation management of the storage battery.

Storage Maintain Situation

At present, some data centers adopt scheduled maintenance which can be carried out by the third company who usually adopt manual work to measure the battery voltage and resistance.

Problems as follows,

1. Data fraud.

2. Safety loophole during testing. As the battery line is densely arranged, manual testing will be easy to cause the battery short circuit and cause an accident.

3. Bad instantaneity. Manual maintain can’t achieve real-time online measurement. If the battery failure during twice intervals, it can’t be found in time and will pose a safety hazard.

In a word, manual maintain can’t completely maintain the battery and also can’t insure the situation of the back-up source.

Online monitoring system characteristics

With the development of technology, a new examination method was born. A new detection technology, online battery internal resistance monitoring, began to gradually be applied to the data center. To determine the state of battery by measuring the internal resistance of the battery which was proved to be a very effective method, so the internal resistance test has become a cheap supplement or alternative of verify discharge test.

Online battery monitoring system is based on online battery internal resistance monitoring (Hereinafter referred to as online internal resistance monitoring system) which can automatic monitoring every section’s battery internal resistance on a regular basis, and also can determine the battery capacity through comparing the qualitative change of the resistance at different time. When the battery has a problem and it can realize the transformation from "preventive maintenance" to "status overhaul".


In order to solving the problems existing in the accumulator management, formation of online battery internal resistance monitoring system is very necessary. At present, regarding the communication for data center design and planning demands, the national standard GB50174-2008 specification for electronic information system room and the International standard ANSI/TIA-942: (Telecommunication Industry Association) have explicitly demand online internal resistance monitoring system should be installed on the battery.

Through online internal resistance monitoring system, it can not only improve the reliability of UPS power supply system, but also greatly reduce the cost of battery maintenance.