Perfect Cooperation to Create the Best Battery Monitoring System!

Lijiang Power Supply Bureau is located in the beautiful old city of Lijiang, which belongs to China Southern Power Grid. Mainly undertake the task of power transmission and distribution, responsible for the power transactions and dispatching between the power grids in the regions under its jurisdiction, to meet the needs of various customers for economic construction and domestic power consumption.

Power grid is an important asset of the national economy, and promoting safety production of the whole staff and process is the most important work of Lijiang Power Supply Bureau. In response to this demand, Hangzhou Huasu has provided Lijiang Power Supply Bureau with an excellent online battery monitoring system to protect its more than 1,000 batteries! The main core values are as follows:

           1. Timely detection of deteriorated batteries, early warning to prevent accidents.

           2. Intelligent data analysis, obtain accurate data, and grasp the battery status at any time.

           3. Realize network automation management, save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Hangzhou Huasu battery online monitoring system has been in the leading position in the industry in China. With its reliable and high-quality products, it has won the favor of the majority of users. It has reached long-term cooperative relations with domestic provinces and cities in Southeast Asia to protect its power supply safety!