HUASU Battery Monitoring System is Applied to Watone Cloud Data!


HUASU Battery Monitoring System is Applied to Watone Cloud Data!

Watone Cloud Data Center is located in Zhejiang. It is mainly specialized in the business development of "cloud data centers, cloud computing, cloud applications, and cloud networks." Among them, Qiandao Lake Watone Cloud Data Center is constructed according to T4 +, which is one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world.

As it is currently in a special period of epidemic prevention and control, strict epidemic control is being implemented everywhere. In order to bring users a better experience, in the Qiandao Lake data room project, Huatong Cloud put strict requirements on energy saving and safety of UPS battery safety monitoring.

According to customer requirements, HUASU H3G-TA battery online monitoring system is applied to Watone Cloud Data Center.

As a product widely used by many high-end data centers, this system uses advanced power consumption reduction technology, and the working current is as low as 3mA, which does not affect the operation of the monitored battery. The high anti-interference design can block the ripple interference of high-power high-frequency UPS, which fully meets Watone Cloud's high-level requirements for battery monitoring, energy saving and safety.

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