Huasu Battery Monitoring System Helps more industries Operate Safely!


Huasu Battery Monitoring System Helps China to Operate Safely!

Keep Data Center Safe

In the construction of the data center room, the application of backup power is an extremely critical content. So professional battery monitoring products with first-class performance and quality are more needed to ensure the safe and stable operation of backup power.

China data centers have adopted HUASU H3G-TA battery monitoring system. Our system can query alarms, real-time data, and set parameters through the control module. An optional monitoring platform can be used to implement centralized network management, which lays a solid foundation for the reliable operation of the data center.

At present, the project has been in trial operation for about half a year, and in all performance indicators, it has reached the expected target of the data center of China. This product is widely deployed, which not only reflects Hangzhou Huasu's leading product technology advantages, but also sets an important model for the construction, and lays a solid foundation for in-depth industry cooperation in the future.

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