H3G-TV Battery Monitoring System

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The H3G-TV battery monitoring system is designed specifically for single cell. H3G-TV combines the advanced technology with patented for the most thorough stationary battery health analysis in the industry. H3G-TV system includes TV modules, TC modules and one CM module.

Product Components

TV Module

One module can monitor one battery's voltage and temperature

TC Module (Optional)

Monitoring one charge and discharge current and one ambient temperature. One module only for one string.

Control Module

Managing TV, TC modules and reading data analysis automatically. Alarm generation and storage, data display and upload.


Communication Interface

Item Description
Device name Control Module
Port number Ethernet port, RS485 or RS232 port
Communication mode Network, RS485 or RS232
Data format 1 stgart bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, non parity
Communication baud rate 9600 BPS(Default)
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU/Modbus TCP/SNMP protocol.

Main Functions

NO. Descriptions
1 Huasu technology single module products, one module monitoring one battery, easy for installation without special training .
2 Be able to block ripple interference from UPS.
3 Monitoring voltage and battery temperature, accord with the standard ANSI/TIA - 942 and GB50174-2008.
4 Flexible configuration, support MODBUS RTU/Modbus TCP/SNMP protocol.


TV Module can be installed directly on battery cases.

CM can be fixed on 19 inch cabinet or battery rack.

TC Module(s) and Converter(s) can be installed on the shelf.

Order Reference

Order P/N Module Name Descriptions
H3G-TV-02 2V TV Module For 2V battery
H3G-TA-06 6V TV Module For 6V battery
H3G-TA-12 12V TV Module For 12V battery
CM-02N Control Module Read, analysis and display the data
TC-500 TC Module For 500A CT

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