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HL-C48 is a leading management protection board for lithium battery. When the voltage, current and temperature of the core are over the limit and the whole group of short circuit is reversed, the HL-C48 management protection board can effectively and reliably cut off the circuit and protect the core from damage.

In the process of charging or floating the battery, the protection plate can balance the energy difference of different electric core effectively through the intelligent on-line core equalization technology. To achieve maximum storage capacity. 

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Communication Interface

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Item Descriptions
Device name HL-C48 PCB
Port number
RS485 or RS232 port
Communication mode
RS485 or RS232
Data format
1 stgart bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, non parity
Communication baud rate
9600 BPS(Default)
Communication protocol

Main Functions

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NO. Descriptions

Huasu technology single module products, one module monitoring 16 cells li-ion battery.


Be used for Lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium manganese oxide battery, lithium ternary battery.


Fixed with screws to the lithium core box, the size and interface position of the protective plate can be customized.


Monitoring SOH, SOC, core voltage, core temperature (4 channels), string voltage, charge/discharge current, ambient temperature, charge/discharge status and charge/discharge times.


Flexible configuration, support MODBUS, easy to access the third party monitoring system, low tlticost solution.


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                                HL-C48 can be installed directly inside lithium core box.

            The size and interface position of the protective plate can be customized

Order Reference

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Order P/N Module Name Descriptions
HL-C48 Management Board For 16 cells battery
SC-0401A Collect Cable A Total for 6 cores
SC-0401B Collect Cable B Total for 7 cores

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