TA Wireless Sensor Module

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The TA Wireless Sensor Module is designed specifically as a sensor integrated into an existing monitoring system. It monitors voltage and temperature for one battery, uploading the data via its serial port with optical isolation as well. The module can be pasted on the monitored battery's case directly or mounted an additional rail.

Product Components

TA Module

One module can monitor one battery's voltage, internal resistance and temperature

TC Module (Optional)

Monitoring one charge and discharge current and one ambient temperature. One module only for one string.

Wireless Converter

Converts UART bus to RS485 bus


Communication Interface

Item Descriptions
Device name Wireless Converter
Port number RS485 or RS232 port
Communication mode RS485 or RS232
Data format 1 stgart bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, non parity
Communication baud rate 9600 BPS(Default)
Communication protocol MODBUS / RTU

Main Functions

NO. Descriptions
1 Huasu technology single module products, one module monitoring one battery, easy for installation without special training .
2 Be able to block ripple interference from UPS.
3 Flexible configuration, support MODBUS, easy to access the third party monitoring system, low tlticost solution.
4 Monitoring voltage, resistance and battery temperature, accord with the standard ANSI/TIA - 942 and GB50174-2008.


TA Wireless Module can be installed directly on battery cases.

TC Module(s) and Converter(s) can be installed on the shelf.

Order Reference

Order P/N Module Name Descriptions
H3G-TA-02WL 2V TA Wireless Module For 2V battery
H3G-TA-06WL 6V TA Wireless Module For 6V battery
H3G-TA-12WL 12V TA Wireless Module For 12V battery
CTB-WL Wireless Converter Max connects 247pcs wireless TA modules
TC-500 TC Module For 500A CT

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