Battery Management Systems
for Data Centers

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Avoid the hassle of working with others. We not only produce the hardware and software, but we have professionals on the ground to help with service and maintenance.

A national leader

We have more than 16 years of experience providing BMS systems to our global customers. We lead in providing value for customers with R&D spanning projects accross many industries.

Industry leading Innovation

We are a leader in both patents and forming industry-wide battery management system standards.

Patented Technologies

Our labs continue to innovate and develop new technologies required by global customers. We have dozens of copyrights, patents, and inventions.

Truly Global

Practical application experience with millions of BMS systems. Widely used in all regions of the world.


A growing list of satisfied clients and partners fuels our growth

Global Reach

Providing a secure and effective solution to our customers is our first priority. To achieve this we have partnered with some of the best names in the industry on various projects in data centers around the world. We are a global specialist with more than 15 years experience in battery management and monitoring systems.

Service on Demand

We have local support staff available to help with any custom integration or implementation as well as service. Contact us today and we can begin the conversation to see how we can find a solution that fits your needs.

We have also invested heavily in making sure customers are fully supported at every step throughout their relationship. This includes having immediate access to first hand information about the latest developments about the battery management industry and other Partner services.

Quality Products

A key part of your business success will depend on creating efficiencies that can enhance your profit and get you better margins. Huasu products and services will enable you to immediately enhance those magins by improving the reliability and safety of your UPS and HVDC systems by real time battery monitoring and management. The products will also allow you to reduce your input costs which provides the opportunity to gain a price advantage over your competitors. Additionally, our services will help mitigate the problems of service and maintenance through simple contracts which bring reliability and certainty even in volatile times.

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